Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who'd of thought?

So I just like to start by giving some information about my life in high school and my interests and activities.  In high school I was quite possibly considered a jock that was smart, I am not really sure though.  I think this though because I participated in many sports.  Four years of football (my favorite and best sport), one year of basketball, three years of wrestling, three years of track and field, and two years of baseball.  Of course through this whole time I was constantly in the weight room.  Among these things I also participated in swing choir and concert choir.  Through all this I think my GPA at graduation was in the 3.7 area?  As you can tell I was a busy person in high school.  Here comes the reason for the title...  Who would of thought I missed out on something that I would of enjoyed?  I sure would not of until this past weekend.

This past weekend I returned home from college (as I do quite often) to see my girlfriend.  Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that on Saturday she wanted to attend an event.  We had to wake up and leave town by 9ish, which was rough for me because I slept maybe two and a half hours that night (swear I have a mild form of insomnia).  I by no means was intrigued by this idea as I opened my eyes after the short night's sleep.  None the less I still went with her because I did not want to disappoint my girlfriend.  Once again who would of guessed I would LOVE this event?  Once again not I.  This wonderful event happend to be.........  Are you ready for it?       A SPEECH competition.

I never would of guessed I would enjoy this.  Why did I enjoy it one might ask?  Well the catergories for one.  I think I only saw 3ish catergories but there was one that jumped out at me inparticular.  This was the improv section.  This is where a participant is randomly assigned two people of different professions and a certain situation.  The person then needs to act out the situation which the are given a few minutes to think of something.  I think I would of loved this.  Granted some people did fall flat on their faces but some were magnificant.  I have an overactive imagination so I would think I would be at least somewhat decent at this.  There is also one more reason I loved this competition so much....

The atmosphere there was AWESOME.  Why?  Well, everyone there can basically do any random thing they want and not get judged at all!  It felt nice just being weird as I am truly am.  It felt very nice to just do random things with all the speech people and they would go along in participating in it.

All this being said I regret not doing any form of speech although I always was in a winter sport it would have been difficult to do.  I feel like it would have truly been worth it though.


  1. It would have been worth it. =) At least you got to experience it once, through meee. haha Represent those speechies cuz we get judged waaaaay more than necessary. We're weird, but we're friendly and FREAKING AWESOME. Thanks for a good post, sweetie.

  2. I loved speech competitions! It was the only place that you could let your freak flag fly and not get judged for it. (Ok maybe judged a little... sometimes people are just too weird to not comment... like the girl dancing like a prostitute at my large group speech competition)

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