Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break is over BUT...

So as it is obviously stated in the title spring break is over.  Such a sad thing to think about, I was so content with being lazy and not worrying about school this past week.  Hanging out with friends was pretty sweet too and not to mention getting to spend some serious time with my girlfriend.  All that is behind me now as I will have to focus on closing the semester out right (let's be honest 1st semester, that didn't happen haha).  I am looking to finishing these last six weeks (ONLY SIX FREAKIN WEEKS) up the right way getting some good grades and what not.  Spring break may be finished BUT there is a most certain silver lining.

That silver lining is.... (Are ya ready for it) The weather is amazing.  It started about two days into spring break and has only increased in pleasureability (if that's a word).  As many of you probably know yesterday, 3-20-11 was the first day of spring.  Today is most certainly living up to that expectations.  It's so beautiful outside that I can't help but walk around campus thinking "How I have missed this."  To make you understand I am not one to complain about cold a lot and I am very relieved that spring has arrived!  I am pretty happy right now for sure and I don't mind.  I can take this weather and enjoy it forever!!!

I do believe this blog is coming to an end.  It was an exciting one because it was what I would consider a "Happy Blog".  Great weather and only six more weeks of my first year at college ahead.  See you around everybody.