Monday, February 21, 2011

What the heck weather?!?!?

Well, I don't know if any of you know or not but I live in Iowa, have my whole life.  Born and raised in Northwest Iowa and now live in Central Iowa as I'm attending college in Ames.  But, nonetheless the weather is just as crazy.  Today it is snowing....  You may wonder why that is a big deal since that's typical for Iowa at this time.  Here is the catch.  It was in the sixties a week ago! It was absoulutely wonderful and I want that weather.

I don't know why it bothers me so much, I mean this is Iowa and it is supposed to still be cold and white for the most part.  Maybe it's the fact that since the snow was melting and seemed to be disappearing before my eyes and the beautiful weather to go along with it, it is gone now as flakes are falling (granted it's not substatial) and it is back to the typical freezing temperatures.  That week of warmth was very persuasive in me accepting it.  In fact it was instant.  I should have just realized that mother nature was just teasing me. 

Mother nature has been very bipolar as of late it seems.  The week before the 60's it was in the negatives and I don't even want to mention the terrible wind chills, with a blizzard to kick that week off.  Into the goregous weather which melter a lot of the snow and was beautiful.  Then back to freezing temps but only in the 20's and 30's not -10's thankfully.  The one thing to look forward to I would guess is the upcoming week as if this trend keeps up it will be very beautiful.... Again!

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