Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good weekend for me! (UFC, Bdubs, March Madness)

Alright as implied by the title, I am having/had a good weekend.  Granted some things are still missing which is why I don't consider it great and what not.  But yes, one of the main factors to this awesome weekend.... March Madness!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know, March Madness is basically a nickname for the NCAA basketball tournament.  It is an amazing one this year.  This weekend consists of the sweet sixteen games and elite eight games (side not: 64 teams are in the tournament, 68 if you count the play in games).  The games have been AMAZING!!! Upsets are running rampant.  My bracket that I filled out is still breathing, barley, but I have put that in the back of my mind and am pulling for the upsets big time.  Right now in an elite eight game an 11 seed Virgina Commonswealth University is currently up fifteen* (see bottom of blog for the *) on Kansas a 1 seed.  I would love to see Kansas go down, that would make the final four consist of no 1 seeds which equals awesome!  There is a lotta game left but still pulling for VCU.

Okay now onto the other thing that helped make this weekend good... Ultimate Fight Night: Seattle.  I don't believe I have expressed my feelings of UFC but, I freakin' love it.  It is very entertaining to me.  This took place on Saturday night, the maincard did anyway.  Pre lims were on earlier on Facebook, but I was at Buffalo Wild Wings eating some wings watching some basketball (another good thing this weekend).  Regardless the maincard started with a rematch of what many considered the fight of the decade from 2000 to 2010.  It was Leonard Garcia vs. The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung  It ended with a never before seen submission in the UFC. A twister, essentially what I gathered it is a form of a spine crank.  Basically he trapped Garcia's hips and twisted Garcia's whole body much further than a spine would normally allow. It is a very hard move to land but when he landed it, I won't lie, it looked VERY painful.  The second fight was between Amir Sadollah and DeMarcus (The Darkness) Johnson.  This was pretty much one sided for Sadollah as he controlled the fight and was connecting on his thrown punches.  Sadollah finished Johnson in the second round when Johnson submitted to strikes.  Granted he was getting pounded but I still don't think you should ever submit to strikes, take the KO much more respectful, I can't talk to much though I don't know what it's like to be repeately punched and what not.  The third fight was an expected brawl between Brit Boxer, Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy, and American brawler, Anthony "Rumble" Johnson.  This fight went completely against what I expected.  Rumble Johnson was a JUCO wrestling champion and The Outlaw has been known to have terrible wrestling skills.  Rumble exploited this and controlled the fight for three rounds winning by unanimous decision.  Smart strategy by Rumble but beings he said he was gonna KO Hardy standing, I was let down by the lack of major fireworks here.  The main event was between two of my favorite Light Heavyweight fighters. Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis and Antonio Rogerio "Minotouro" Nogueira (a.k.a Lil' Nog).  (side note: Lil Nog is the twin of my favorite fighter Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Noguiera".)  This fight was expected to be a break through fight for Mr. Wonderful.  He did win but he was not as impressive as everyone expected.  He couldn't establish his takedown until halfway through the 2nd period and didn't display much ground and pound but he got the unanimous decision regardless.

Wow was I long winded today, sorry about that.  I just really felt the need to break down the UFC fights haha, sorry if it bores any of you.  But yes good weekend for sure.  I'll see ya all later.

*VCU up by 14 at half on Kansas =) still a whole half left though.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break is over BUT...

So as it is obviously stated in the title spring break is over.  Such a sad thing to think about, I was so content with being lazy and not worrying about school this past week.  Hanging out with friends was pretty sweet too and not to mention getting to spend some serious time with my girlfriend.  All that is behind me now as I will have to focus on closing the semester out right (let's be honest 1st semester, that didn't happen haha).  I am looking to finishing these last six weeks (ONLY SIX FREAKIN WEEKS) up the right way getting some good grades and what not.  Spring break may be finished BUT there is a most certain silver lining.

That silver lining is.... (Are ya ready for it) The weather is amazing.  It started about two days into spring break and has only increased in pleasureability (if that's a word).  As many of you probably know yesterday, 3-20-11 was the first day of spring.  Today is most certainly living up to that expectations.  It's so beautiful outside that I can't help but walk around campus thinking "How I have missed this."  To make you understand I am not one to complain about cold a lot and I am very relieved that spring has arrived!  I am pretty happy right now for sure and I don't mind.  I can take this weather and enjoy it forever!!!

I do believe this blog is coming to an end.  It was an exciting one because it was what I would consider a "Happy Blog".  Great weather and only six more weeks of my first year at college ahead.  See you around everybody.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who'd of thought?

So I just like to start by giving some information about my life in high school and my interests and activities.  In high school I was quite possibly considered a jock that was smart, I am not really sure though.  I think this though because I participated in many sports.  Four years of football (my favorite and best sport), one year of basketball, three years of wrestling, three years of track and field, and two years of baseball.  Of course through this whole time I was constantly in the weight room.  Among these things I also participated in swing choir and concert choir.  Through all this I think my GPA at graduation was in the 3.7 area?  As you can tell I was a busy person in high school.  Here comes the reason for the title...  Who would of thought I missed out on something that I would of enjoyed?  I sure would not of until this past weekend.

This past weekend I returned home from college (as I do quite often) to see my girlfriend.  Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that on Saturday she wanted to attend an event.  We had to wake up and leave town by 9ish, which was rough for me because I slept maybe two and a half hours that night (swear I have a mild form of insomnia).  I by no means was intrigued by this idea as I opened my eyes after the short night's sleep.  None the less I still went with her because I did not want to disappoint my girlfriend.  Once again who would of guessed I would LOVE this event?  Once again not I.  This wonderful event happend to be.........  Are you ready for it?       A SPEECH competition.

I never would of guessed I would enjoy this.  Why did I enjoy it one might ask?  Well the catergories for one.  I think I only saw 3ish catergories but there was one that jumped out at me inparticular.  This was the improv section.  This is where a participant is randomly assigned two people of different professions and a certain situation.  The person then needs to act out the situation which the are given a few minutes to think of something.  I think I would of loved this.  Granted some people did fall flat on their faces but some were magnificant.  I have an overactive imagination so I would think I would be at least somewhat decent at this.  There is also one more reason I loved this competition so much....

The atmosphere there was AWESOME.  Why?  Well, everyone there can basically do any random thing they want and not get judged at all!  It felt nice just being weird as I am truly am.  It felt very nice to just do random things with all the speech people and they would go along in participating in it.

All this being said I regret not doing any form of speech although I always was in a winter sport it would have been difficult to do.  I feel like it would have truly been worth it though.